Vicky Ada King
Vicky Ada King, whose last name is base on Augusta Ada King ( born in 1815, Countess of Lovelace which was an English mathematician and writer, known somehow as one of the first computer programmer and scientist) is a personal project i started a couple of months ago.

The project is born when a potential client called me and asked me if i'd have solutions and ideas on how to develop a virtual influencer for brands on Instagram. I had no answer at that point but i thought the best way to get familiar with the advantages and issues to solve would be to just try it first on my own and here's how it started.

This personal project still on going, it will take a while to grow especially with other projects aside and general lack of time but as technology grows, things will get better and easier when i'll be up-to-date with UE4 and other tools for motion capture and retargetting, rigging etc... Let's see together where it goes ! A lot of new tools i care about are going to be involved, it's a good motivation to learn them using a full multi aspects project. It also questions a lot of ethic questions on my side which are good to explore and think about ... but for now, let's keep it fun and a research project. 

There's a base narrative and a far future goal to the whole project that i cant reveal just yet.
The idea that a lifetime story, a life could evolve in real time, in a new media than a book or a movie is a very exciting subject to explore. At this point, i'm just exploring visual representation trying somehow to just do pretty images, next steps are getting way more complex as she needs to be able to move, she needs to have a daily life, emotions, a multitude of environments, clothings, facial and body expressions that are unique to her. 

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