Foundation - The path of men
A digital journey and exhibition inspired by the words of Isaac Asimov.
A short film by Nicolas André.
Music by DLID.

You feel humiliated my young man, because, 
thinking you understood so much so well, 
you suddenly find that many very apparent things were unknown to you.
Thinking you were one of the Lords of the Galaxy; 
you suddenly find that you stand near to destruction.
Naturally, you will resent the ivory tower in which you lived;
the seclusion in which you were educated;
the theories on which you were reared. 
I once had that feeling. It is normal. 
Yet it was necessary that in your formative years 
you have no direct contact with the Galaxy, 
that you remain here, where all knowledge is filtered to you,
and your mind carefully sharpened. 
We could have shown you this... 
this part-failure of the Plan earlier 
and spared you the shock now, 
but you would not have understood the significance properly, 
as you now will. 

Isaac Asimov, The Second Foundation
It started as a personal exploration using a single base scene that could be associated to a museum room, i gathered several explorations until one day i felt again on those words from Isaac Asimov in the Second Foundation that i completely forgotten and created a spark in me. More than ever those words resonated in me and i decided to use those scenes and create new ones to fit in those lines of Asimov.

My talented friend DLID (Dick Laurent is Dead) accepted to join the project and created this stunning soundtrack for it. Thank you so much my friend.
Close ups
R&D and explorations
C4d source files will be soon also available for Subscribers on my Behance page !

Thanks for watching !
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