THZCAM, Uncooled Terahertz Imager
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Agency: Linkaz
Script : Ben Fouassier
Art direction, 3d & animation: Nicolas André
Music & sound design: Axel Guenoun

Voice over: Blake Worrell & Female Voice: Keri Safran

Character design in DAZ Studio
3D Elements with Cinema 4d
Composited in Adobe After Effects
Plugins: Videocopilot Element & Optical Flares

Why terahertz imaging?

Today, the need for high-performance tools in numerous fields of application provides an ideal opportunity for terahertz imaging technologies, a wavelength being located in between microvawes and infrareds. With in the emerging market i2S has integrated an innovative sensor from the CEA-LETI into a camera, the TZCAM to address the markets of Non destructive testing and medical applications.
The TZCAM camera integrates a Microbolometric Detector designed by the CEA-LETI. The technology embedded into this sensor is proprietary to the CEA-LETI and sets a new worldwide reference in terms of performances. i2S has developed a dedicate imaging electronic for this sensor with dedicated signal processing
The CEA/i2S solution is the best camera on the market in terms of sensitivity and acquisition performance. Compared to its competitors, it is a a piece of electronic equipment with a very low signal to noise ratio, the better to obtain the most precise dynamics.


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