The Fabulous christmas of Mary Poppins

For the end of year 2018, le BHV / Marais,
historic department store founded in 1856 in Paris,
created 4 short and feeric animations around Mary Poppins thematic, 
all of them based on the Zoetrope technique.

Animation & rendering: Nicolas André
3D modelling: Zigor Samaniego 
Agency: Mme Cloud, Paris

Artists represented by Colagene

The technical aspect of this project really made it unique to me, very rewardful and challenging;
Creating a zoetrope with a 3d package was not as easy as i imagined at first,
you need a lot of controls and able to make corrections the easiest and fastest way possible.
You must control radius and iterations according to the animations length, decimate procedurally the animations per frame in a non destructive way and adjust their scales accordingly, and to build the "zoetrope reveal" you need to have a fine control on velocity because any subtle change of speed can lead to a visually chaotic animation. It took around 3/4 days to prepare the right workflow after many trials and errors but once done, it was very satisfying to see the whole structure works smoothly !
Now the structure is build i'll definitely try to find some time to enhance it, add more levels and maybe decline it for various support as vinyl labels prints, 3d prints or sculpture etc...
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